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Star Fox 64 multimedia

Star Fox 64 Multimedia Files

You can click on these to listen , and some browsers allow you to right click on the link to save , if you have one of those browsers , click on "save link as" , thats the easiest way to download these.I got some of these from and a lot from the unofficial Star Fox 64 page.And I think he got them from Fox's Crew.
Andross won't have wis way with me!(fox)
Why are ships coming out of the base?(slippy)
You won't get me that easy!(peppy)
Hey Einstein , I'm on you side!(falco)
It's some sort of energy reaction!(Bill)
You'll be seeing your dad soon , fox!(Wolf)
Can anyone take care of it?(Fox)
Cocky Little freaks!(Sector Y boss)
You will die , just like your father.(Andross)
Peppy , long time no see.(Pigma)
Hey, he was mine!(Slippy)
Somthing's up ahead, looks different (Slippy)
Keep shooting, we've got lots of torpedos.(Slippy)
I'll be monkey food if I don't leave.(Slippy)
Enemy shield annalyzed(Slippy)
I'd better back off!(Falco)
Somthing's wrong with the G-diffuser(Falco)
This is horrible.(Falco)
Knock it off, Fox!(Peppy)
Stand by to attack(Bill)
Shoot the core on the bottom of the ship!(Bill)
Go for the hatches on the underside!(Bill)
Shoot me down if you can(Wolf)
What the heck?(Wolf)
Andross has ordered us to take you down.(Leon)
Uncle Andross!!!!!(Andrew)
Scratch one bogey.(Falco)
Fox! Get this guy off me!(Slippy)
Aim for the open spot.(Peppy)
Don't let any of them through(Peppy)
Everybody stay alert.(Peppy).
Good job, keep up the good work.(Peppy).
Dang, I'm hit!(Peppy)
He's quick, be carful.(Peppy)
Everything's A-OK.(Peppy)
This, is Peppy, all systems go.(Peppy)
Your father used to save me like that.(Peppy)
There's one down.(Peppy)
Slippy, bogey on your tail!(Peppy).
Never give up, trust your instincts.(Peppy)
This brings back memorys of your dad.(Peppy)
We're heading into the asteroids.(Fox)
It's time for us to go now.(Fox)
I'll take it alone from here.(Fox)
Don't relax, we're not done yet.(Fox)
Just who I needed to see, Star Wolf.(Fox)
The force field's dissapearing!(Fox)
Open the wings.(Fox)
We'll break through that fleet!(Fox)
OK guys.(guys)
I spot the train, I'm taking it out.(Fox)
You too Bill.(Fox)
We're Star Fox(Fox)
I see them up ahead, let's rock and roll!(Fox)
Let's back up the squadron(Fox)
Somthing's wrong, I don't see anything(Slippy)
Slippy's hit!(Slippy)
Slippy here, I'm OK(Slippy)
Thanks Fox, I thought they had me.(Fox)
Time for a little payback!(Falco)
You're dead meat pal.(Falco)
Ah, you're getting better Fox.(Falco)
Follow me Fox(Falco)
Fox, you're supposed to shoot em' all.(Falco)
Find your own target Fox.(Falco)
I guess I should be thankful.(Falco)
I got this one, get the ones behind me!(Falco)
Is that the best you can do?(Falco)
I've got everythingn above.(Falco)
I ain't your buddy, go away!(Falco)
The Arwing might not make it.(Falco)
OK, I admit it, you did good Fox.(Falco)
Don't go dying on me.(Falco)
Show em' whose boss!(Falco)
Location confirmed, sending supplys.(ROB64)
Peppy's ship is in the docking bay.(ROB64)
Falco's ship is in the docking bay.(ROB64)
Matenence complete on Falco's ship.(ROB64)
Repairs complete on Peppy's ship.(ROB64)
Great Fox is ready to go.(ROB64)
All units report.(Bill)
Bull Dog unit, don't let anything through.(Bill)
Fox, that's one of ours!(Bill)
Fox, you made it!(Bill)

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