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Star Wolf's Star Fox 64 Page

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Last Updated 11/27/98

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Wow! Thanks for making this site the 5th most visited Star Fox site of all time!

New weekly SF Column by Scott Fox!

Star Fox fans, my friend Scott Fox has created Hey yo, the new weekly Star Fox column. I gave him the webspace for it because it sounded interesting, and it is interesting. If you enjoy Star Fox, Click here to read it. Also, Join the sim!

- Star Wolf

Let Nintendo Know!

The Star Fox series, which is only two games, is one of the most popular game series for home gaming systems. We want Star Fox to be in more games! Why does some fat little plumber get to be in more games than the Star Fox team? Type your message about how Star Fox should be in more games in the form below. Then click submit and Nintendo will read (hopefully) all these emails and think about it!

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