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The Lylat System

Choose a planet


Corneria is home to over 85% of the living things in the Lylat System, And it's the starting point in the game. The planet is Andross' primary target. If you fail to defend Corneria, the entire Lylat system will be at Andross' mercy. This is the only level in the game to have two bosses, you can reach the secret one by saving falco and flying under every arch on the lake.


The Meteo planetiod cluster was the staging point for Andross' atack on Corneria. It's highly probable that the enemy's supply vesels are hiding here, waiting to ambush any Cornerian transports fleeing the planet. Not many difficult things here, just a few enemys. Don't let the boss fool you with his stupid "surender". If you fly through all the blue rings you'll get a warp to Kitina.


Fortuna was overrun by Andross' forces, but you might have enough time to reclaim the base before it's demolished. Sensors indicate that the Star Wolf team are in the area, so watch your back. This level is a sinch, just shoot down a few enemy's before the Star Wolf team comes and then kill the team quickly and you'll get the simplest gold metal in the game.

4.Sector X

There are conflicting reports that an enemy starbase is in the Sector Z nebula. There may also be a secret weapon, it would be an ideal spot for a secret weapon because of all the debrias floating through the air. Another easy level, nothing but the bee's will give you any trouble here, the boss will die and come back to life, just kill it before Slippy atempts to...


Well, you didn't kill the Sector X boss fast enough if you're here. A long time ago this planet was the home to a civilized group of beings. Now there's too many sandstorms to live here, but the huge defense network is still active, so you'll probably not find many venomian units here.


Only Venom and Area 6 rival Bolse's defense network. Blow up the pillars around the edge of the place to take down the sheild. Then shoot out the yellow boxes in the center. If you didn't already defeat Star Wolf, then you'll fight them here. It's not that easy. Your team will whine and whine, so get the job done quickly. Slippy seems to get picked on the most here.

7.Venom 1 (Easy Venom)

Well, you're at the end of the easy trail. There's a lot of ships here, so use bombs wisly. The mini-boss is easy, and so is the robot Andross. Just don't let Andross suck you into his mouth. There's not much hope if he does. Special Note: Shoot Andross' eyes.


Throughout the invasion, the frontline base on Kitina has been a thorn in Andross' side.There's a large enemy vessle on it's way. You'll get help from Bill and the Cornerian army, if you want to call getting killed and shooting down 1 enemy help. Go for the hatches on the bottom of the ship, from there, shoot the tringle.


This is a sun type level. At the end there's a bio-weapon. Fly low so as not to be burnt by the fierce heat. Don't be too depressed if your team dies off, they can't take the heat. Bill will continue to help you (if you came from Kitina). The enemys won't do anything to you. don't get worried about them. The boss isn't too hard: Shoot his arms and then go for his head.


This is where Andross stores all his supplies. If you can take this out, he will be very low on things to throw at you. Blow the train apart from back to front. Shoot the pillars around the sides of the train tracks to go to Area 6. Don't fight the boss unless you already blew the switches.

11.Sector Y

The Cornerian battle fleet is limping home through the Sector Y nebula. There are reports that say the enemy is deploying Robots to take them down. These robots have sheilds and only a direct hit will damage them. This level isn't hard if you know what to do. Use your bombs, you'll get a ton of hits if you do. At one point, there's a choice between going up and going down. If you're going for a medal, then go up. If you're low on health, go down. There's three bosses, two little bosses that are easy and one harder boss that isn't really that hard.


The ocean planet is usually teeming with life, but Andross has released a toxic bio-weapon that is systematically mutating the planet's ecosystem. Long range sensors can't find the bio-weapon on their own. You'll have to go in on your own and find it. This level can be dificult at first. Since you can't laser lock, you should just do barrel rolls and shoot torpedos. The boss is just like any boss: shoot off his limbs and his body will follow (sounds painful).


Like Aquas, Zoness is completly covered by water, But Andross built a weapon supply place there. Shoot all the search lights. Katt will help. The boss won't give you trouble, shoot off the exhaust pipes, the the arms, then go for his head.

14.Sector Z

Many years ago the Cornerian army engaged the dreaded space pirates in an epic battle in the Sector Z nebula. This area is now strewn with ancient wreckage, and military experts think Andross might just be salvaging peices of ships there, it also might be only a trap for Fox and his crew. To get a medal here, let the enemy ships tail your crew, they're not fast enough to kill them, and you can't have the crew nailing the missles. If you came from Zoness, Katt will help you out. If you're going for gold, don't come here from Zoness, use Sector X's warp.

15.Venom 2

This mission is hard when you do it for the first time.You'll battle Star Wolf on the outer part of the planet before taking on Andross inside. You're going to have to bail the team out even more often than usual. A good strategy is to press start while the Star Wolf team is talking and hit the while they blab about how good they are, then shoot them while they're coming down towards the planet.

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