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Star Fox 64 Vehicles

The Vehicles

Arwing. The Arwing is the basic vehicle for the entire game. you use it in 13 of the 16 possible missions.It's the team's utility craft and it uses the G- difuser. It can hold smart bombs , laser , and double laser.

LandMaster. The landmaster is the team's tank.You deploy the Landmater on Titania and Macbeth. It uses the smart bombs , and laser.Slippy constructed it himself.Only Fox uses it and the others in the crew use the Arwings on these levels. Basically the same controlles as the Arwing.

Blue Marine. The blue marinbe is used only on Aquas.It was made by Slippy but Fox is the only one who uses it.The team doesn't appear on this level.same controlls again.But this vehicle can't laser lock.