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Star Fox 64 Codes

Star Fox 64 Codes

Refuel in Sector Z

To refuel(get full health in Sector Z , fly through the back of the Great Fox.

sheildless barrel roll

To do a sheildless barrel roll , quickly do three barrel rolls in one direction and then do one in the other direction I fyou hold Z you can control the speed of the roll.

Sideways loop

To do a sideways loop , hold Z and R when you do a loop.

Train Against Star Wolf

In training mode , shoot down 100 enemie ships and you'll fight a star wolf ship in the all-range mode at the end of the level.

Avoid Enemy Radar

To make it so in two player mode your opponent can't see you on their radar , fly low to the ground.

expert mode

To get the expert mode , get a gold medal on every normal level.

Extra Lives in Zoness

If you kill 200 ships on Zoness , you get 2 lives , this is an easy way to get A LOT of lives ,if you need more lives go to redo last course , it makes beating the game simple.

Expert V.S. and training modes

Turn on "expert mode on main game and go to either V.S. or training mode and the same rules aply, if you get hit , you lose more damage.

Hidden one ups

Yes , there are one ups in this game , but they are EXTREMLY rare!
CORNERIA:use the normal path to the boss.If you perform a loop around the boss(under his legs to a bove his head)you'll get a one up.
SECTOR Y:Neare the end the team makes a triangle , if you can complete the triangle ou'll get a one up.
Vemon 2:When you're going throught the tunnel that leads to Andross , go right then left and you'll get a one up!

Moving Heads

At the title screen , move the stick around and the charaters' heads will follow the N64 logo!

New title screen

For a different title screen , get all the medals in expert mode.

Play on foot in V.S. mode

Get all the medals in expert mode.

Tanks in V.S. mode

To use tanks in V.S. mode , get a medal on Venom.

Kill Bill

Thank you "Leon" for this code. To kill Bill, you need hyper lasers. Just fly behind him and shoot the hell out of him untl you see his ship blow up. He'll still talk to you but his ship will be gone.

Get ROB64 and Gr. Pepper to say different things

Thank you Avia Flyr for this code. Do training mode, get all the rings and shoot down 101 enemies, then quit and watch that begining scene and ROB64 and Pepper say different things!

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