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The Characters

Fox McCloud Age:18 The Star of the game , fox is basically the only person that really does much through the whole game. He's a great pilot , and he has earned the respect of his team mates.

Sippy Toad Age:18 Slippy is my favorite character.Yes , he's VERY annoying , but I guess i'm stupid enogh to like him. Slippy puts on the "enemie shield anisized" meter , which tells you how much life the boss has left. He's also the maker of the blue-marine.And as he shows during the ending sequence on Aquas , he loves the water.

Peppy Hare Age: 41 Peppy is the senior member of the team.He's 41.he basically tells you how to defeat a few of the tougher enemies. He's not as annoying as the other 2 members of the team , but he gets in trouble enough to make up for it.

Falco Lombardi Age: 19 Falco is a jerk.He's Very annoying and mean.He shows no respect to you even after you save his tail featherts. I say , if you're not going for a gold medal , blow him out of the sky so you don't have to listen to his constant nagging. Only one thing about him even moderatly good : he shoots down a few more enemies than the others.

Bill Grey Bill Grey is'nt a main character , but his servises should be rewarded. You'll meet Bill on Kitina and he'll follow you to either Sector X or Solar. He met Fox in the star fleet academy , and now is the leader of the Bull dog squadron.

Katt Monroe Age:17 Katt is , like bill , not a main character , but does just as much as the others. She has a crush on falco , but the feeling is not mutual.You meet her on Zoness and she'll follow you to either Macbeth or Sector Z.

ROB64 is the Star Fox team's robot.He pilots the Great Fox while the others are on their mission.The only time he helps you by killing enemies is on Area 6.He sends you helpful messages and items , but you'll only recieve these if you answer his message.

James McCloud is Fox's dad, and he used to be the leader of the Star Fox team. He was betrayed by Pigma and got killed. He gave the responsibility of leader of the Star Fox team to his son Fox. A good riend of Peppy.

General Pepper is head of the Cornerian Army, he'll brief you before every mission on what you have in store for you. You really bail him out in Sector Y. How does he reward you? Money!!!!!!

The Star Wolf Team

Wolf is the leader of the Star Wolf team.He will be fighting with you every time you battle with the star wolf team.He's not hard to beat and he'll fall for that loop every time.

Leon is the member of the Star Wolf team.He will engage in battle with Falco every time you battle the team.He gives Falco a lot of trouble. He's not hard to beat and he will only shoot you if Falco is dead.

Pigma is the member of the team that takes Peppy.He betrayed Fox's dad James on venom and joined with Andross.He doesn't give Peppy that much trouble , but you'll hear Peppy say "Fox , get this guy off me!" enough.

Andrew is the member of the team who battles with Slippy.He's Andross' nephew so he was a shoe-in for the 4th spot on the team. He gives slippy a bit of trouble , but he is a pretty easy person to kill.

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