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Branching out

Alternate Mission Paths: One of Star Fox 64's best features is its alternate mission paths. Here's how to access them.

Score 100 hits or higher in Sector Y to warp to Aquas, the submarine level.

Area 6
When you hit the last leg of the MacBeth stage, shoot the red pillars with metal direction flags on
them so they turn green. Keep a very carful eye out for them.(hint: If came here from Zoness, Katt will help
you, if Falco is alive, he'll shoot one of the more dificult ones.)At the end, where the switchboard is, a switch will appear. Quickly shoot it and the track will
move to the right and you can watch the boss crash into the depot. After a nice 50 hit bonus, you're off to Area 6.

Sector Y
In Corneria, when Falco is calling for help, you must save him When you get to the lake with the arches sticking out of it,
fly under every arch. Falco will tell you to follow him and your ship automatically heads you for the waterfall. Fly
into the waterfall. You'll fight a different boss, and when you beat him you'll head for Sector Y.

Sector Z
In Sector X, keep left at all times. You will eventually hit an area where you have to quickly destroy gates to pass through them.
Destroy the gates and fly through them all.

Near the and of meteo, you'll see blue circles made from triangles. Fly through them all and you'll take a light speed type warp to
Kitina. The extra world you pass through when you do this is good when trying to get the madels

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