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Slippy Multimedia

Slippy Multimedia

Here's all the multimedia I've got for Slippy, free for the downloading, enjoy.

Something is wrong, I don't see anything

Something's up ahead, looks differnent

Thanks Fox, I thought they had me

Whoa, help me

You did, I was worried for a moment

Your not getting away that easy

This baby can take tempatures up to 9000 degrees

Its tooo hot, I can't take it anymore

Data analisis complete, here it comes

Your carcass is MINE!

Those ships are shielded too!

They don't give up!

Whew! That was to close...

Fox get this guy off me,

I'm monkey food if I don't leave

Here comes a big one

Things are starting to heat up

You want a piece of me?

Take that!

Hold "A" to charge your lasers

Why are ships coming out of the building?

Hey, We made it!

I'm heading for the missle now

That was TOO close...


Those ships are shielded too!

They don't give up

Its.... Awful!

Wow.. look at that! Its beautiful!

How's the Blue Marine Fox?

Whoa watch out!

Look out behind you!

Keep shooting, we got lots of torpedoes!

Thanks Peppy!

Watch out Fox!

Thanks a lot Peppy...

Geesh Falco, You too?

What a dump!!

Watch out for the search lights

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