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Tribute To Slippy Toad

In case you haven't noticed, this is a very pro-Slippy site. He is definetly the most misunderstood character in the Star Fox universe. Once I saw that he won Nintendo's "More Annoying Than the Spice Girls Award" I felt drastic action was needed. Sure, he needs your help a lot, but so do all the team members! Slippy also analysises the boss' shields, something I'd rather not do without. So next time you play Star Fox, don't shoot down Slippy!

Slippy's Profile

AGE: 18
WEIGHT: 63.50 SK

Slippy specialized in engineering at the Cornerian Academy, and learned a lot from his father, Beltino Toad, who is Director of Engineering at Space Dynamics Co. Ltd. As a member of the Star Fox Team, Slippy has invented a wide variety of gadgets and vehicles.

Slippy Pictures

Slippy in the original Star Fox