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Star Wolf's Star Fox 64 Page

Star Wolf's Star Fox 64 Page

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Last Updated 7/25/98

Improved Fan Fic section

Hey, I've gotten some great Fan Fics Lately. I also changed the look of the fan fic index so be sure to go there. If you've been to the old one recently, just hit reload. I got two great sagas, including Star Wolf's Last Stand and A New Team. they are both great and you should really read them. I also just added four real audio sounds to multimedia.

What's new

Fan Art! I need fan Art! I really need some!I added about 60 more WAVs to the multimedia section. I added 5 more Fanfics, and, well, that's just about all the updates I have right now. . Of course (as always) I'm open for suggestions about the site. If you have your own Star Fox page please send me the link!

-Star Wolf

Weekly Fight Updated

Well, last week, Leon beat the heck out of Pigma in the weekly fight. I think the final stats were 30 to 7. He beat the heck out of Pigma, that's for sure. As for the survey, it's Bill, Fox, and Wolf that are winning, and a little behind them are Slippy and Peppy. This week's Weekly Fight is Andrew v.s. Wolf.

Recent updates

Okay, I just vastly improved my sound downloads by adding about 60 new Star Fox voices. I guess there's about 90 somthing all together. If you have any suggestions, mail them to me above.I've changed fight of the week so you should be sure to go see it. I also just added a new Star Foxy trivia game. Just added James McCloud and General Pepper to characters, I've wanted to do that for a while.*NEW* I changed the survey page, now there's three surveys instead of one. Just added a new java chat room, this room is now being called Bolse Today (4/18/98) I added two new fan fics, and updated the Sim members. Now I just updated fa fics, so be sure to read them.

This site was made by Wolf himself.

Yeah, it's a dancing baby, cool, huh?

If you don't know the story of this site and dancing Babys, be sure to click here.

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