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Hey Yo; the weekly SF Column by Scott Fox

Star Fox: To Be or not to be?

Welcome to the first issue of hey yo, and let me start off by saying...

Hey yo,
Is Star Fox dead? Is Star Fox alive? I'll tell you where I think it is, and that's that it's in life support somewhere. Let's think of the oxygen tank as Greg Gant and the oxygen mask as Kenny Beach. They are the two reasons Star Fox internet life is still around, and if there was no or Fox's Crew, Star Fox would be as good as dead.

But it's not

Star Fox is hanging on, but not yet Flatlining. Now let's think of the other sites, all the little sites, as the tubes. What would life supports be without tubes? Nothing! They make up the bulk of the community. The webmaster like Star Wolf, Foxforward and such are also a reason it's still around. Let me tell you my reasoning for Star Fox dieing.


Why Yahoo!? They have added about five (I think about five) Star Fox sites, and three of them are pretty much dead. I have seen them add some crappy sites in other catagories, but they won't add some good sites like Fox's Den, Star Wolf's SF64 page, Avia's Star Fox page, and my old page in the Star Fox section. If there were more sites on Yahoo, more people could find our little community and stay here.

No offense to, it is my favorite Star Fox page, but it's really not too useful for someone who's just looking for codes, not writing fan fic and such. Getting back to Yahoo, let's say they added my old SF site. I wouldn't have taken it down because it would get a lot of hits and I'd be enthused about it. But they didn't accept it, so now I've closed it down. I beg everyone with a Star Fox site to add it to Yahoo. If they don't add it this time, try again. Don't stop trying. Don't let Star Fox die.

-Scott Fox