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Star Wolfs Last Stand part 2

By:Justin Blake

Fox just stared at the screen for a while then Wolf changed the camera angle so that Fox could see the new Great Wolf. Fox saw the ship was in Sector Z and thousands of ships flying around Great Wolf. Then the camara was in the docing bay where 4 ships were being built they had G-Diffuser units better then the Arwings, wings with triple laser canons and A anti-force genorator so it had infined boost power. Then the camara went back it Wolf he said if he told his crew members he would send his forces to Corneria and kill James so Fox turned off the monitor and started for the docking bay.When he went past the room his team was in and Slippy said " What is it Fox?" Fox said " Its an easy mission so I'll go alone" ."OK" said Peppy.But Falco stared at Fox knowing it wasnt like him to go to battle alone even on an easy mission so Falco followed Fox. Great Wolf's sensors were greter then Corneria's so it qucly spotted them and Wolf got on his com link and said I Warned You Fox!

To be continued.......

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