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Star Wolf's Last stand part 1

By: Justin Blake

Shortly after being shot down by Star Fox on Venom, Wolf dug out of the ruble of the Wolfen 2, his fallen ship. Wof went toward the smoke of his other fallen comrads to recover them, but not even half way to the nearest fallen ship a huge explosion came from the center where Andross was. He saw two Arwings fly out; barly avoiding the fire coming from behind them. Wolf noticed three other Arwings up where Great Fox was. The other ship flew toward Sector Z. Wolf hurried back to his ship and made a tractor beam. Wolf grabbed his rocket launcher from the ship and loaded the tractor beam into his smart bomb launcher. Wolf could barly see the last ship but managed to lock on to it. It took around 5 minutes to reach the ship but when it did Wolf looked at the pilot. With amazment, it was Fox's dad, James McCloud. Wolf thought Pigma and Andross had killed him years ago. Wolf thought if he could some how capture James Fox will give into Wolf's every order. Wolf went back to recover his fallen co-pilots back on Venom. They all decided that they should build a big ship similar to the Great Fox. Afetr a week the ship was done and the first thing they did was fly to the still active Bolse for some food and to get some pilots to back them up. They then took off right away to get the old pilot James McCloud. With a new cage put on the huge new "Great Wolf" the Arwing was easily captured. The Wolf sent thousands of mines around all of Sector Z so no one could get in or out. Only thy hd the remote controlls to blow them up and get out if they had to. Wolf sent a distress signal to Fox . Fox answered thinking a ship was in trouble. He was shocked to see his dad tied up. Then Wolf came on the screen. He said " Let's make a deal, Fox".
To be continued...

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