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By: Kenny "Oh my god they Killed Kenny" Smith

What really happened on Venom

You want to know what really happened on Venom? Well here it is, and you saw it here first. When the Star Fox team got to Venom, they started a dogfight with Star Wolf (duh). All the members of Star Wolf, except Pigma and Andrew of course, faked their deaths. When Fox said "I'll take it alone from here" that wa their cue to attack. The two members started to fight Slippy, Peppy and Falco. "AAAAAAAHHHH!" Slippy shouted when he saw that both members had gone for him first, Slippy rooled out of Leon's firing range but he got locked on by Wolf. Wolf shot a bomb and blew Slippy's ship out of the sky. No going up to great Fox for Slippy, he was a gonner. Then they moved focus to Falco, as Falco said "You'll never pluck this bird's tail!" he got nailed by a laser or two, not enough to kill him unfortunatly. Peppy shouted "Head for Great Fox Falco! We might not make it!". But it was too late to call for Falco, Leon just shot him down with a few laser shots. "You guys'll pay for this when Fox gets back!" Peppy screamed, but unfortunatly for Peppy, Star Wolf was outnumbering him. In a desperate attempt, Peppy did a flip, and shot a bomb at the groung , hoping some of the explosion would take out Wolf or Leon, it damaged Leon, but Leon was OK. They shot Peppy down as well. None of the crew's ships were coming back to the Great Fox, Fox's Crew is dead. With fase one complete, Star Wolf waited for Fox to come out, that was if Andross didn't all ready take care of him. After a while, they figured Andross had won and they decided to make sure. But when they got into the tunnel, there was fire coming out the back and two arwings headed toward them.Leon paniced and did a U-turn too early, killing himself. Then Wolf did a U-turn the right way and escaped. He watched Fox and a mysterious other ship dissapear. "Damn it, Nooooooooo!" Wolf screamed, he was so mead at the Star Fox team for winning that he Stot on his booster, heading for the Great Fox, and porposly bashed nose first into it, taking his own life. Then Corneria was happy, Lylat was saved, you know how it goes, you've seen the ending.

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