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Great Fox's last Stand

By: Kin Chan

On the way back from a routine scouting trip of Venom, Fox and the crew were confronted by a large group of space pirates in the Sector Y nebula. This didn't seem to pose much of a threat to the team, they'd taken care of countless space pirates during there career.At first sight, there didn't seem to be any difference between these and all the others, but then they heard a firmiliar voice on the radio... it was Andrew, former member of Star Wolf, he was now the leader of the space pirates.they started fighting the pirates and found that Andrew had gottn considerably better. He no longer fought with Slippy, he was now on Fox himself. There were 8 pirates, and tha Star Fox team was being double-teamed! They called on great fox to help them, and help them it did. ROB64 shot down 2 pirates, but then a large ship, larger than great fox, loomed in the distance. 7 missles shot out of it, all headed for great fox. Slippy and Falco each shot down on, and Peppy got 2. Fox got 2 and there was one left. The team scrambled to get it, but they weren't fast enough. It gave great fox a direct hit and the team heard ROB64 saying "Danger! Great Fox has lost controll...Going down...". That really pissed the team off! (luckey for them they were all rich enough to get a new mothership after the whole Star Fox 64 thing). There were 4 pirates left, including Andrew. Slippy yelled "I got one"! And there were 3. Falco watched the remains of great fox float through the air, and this was enough to get his adrenilin going, he shot down a ship. Andrew shot down Peppy and peppy was forced to fly all the way back to Corneria scince Great Fox was gone. the battle went on until it was Fox and Slippy V.S. Andrew and another hot-shot space pirate. After a while, Fox noticed on of the large gas tanks from great fox had stayed intact and was floating about. When The space pirate (That wan't Andrew) flew by it, Fox blew it up and sent the pirate for a ride. While that had been going on, Andrew forced Slippy back to Corneria. It was Fox and Andrew. Finnaly, Fox locked on and blasted Andrew's Monkey ass with a smart bomb! Fox watched the radio screen and saw Andrew guts fly all over! "Yeehay!"Fox yelled as he saw Andrew's ship blow into a small field of ruble. Then Fox turned around and headed for Corneria to find Slippy, Peppy and Falco.