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Bill's Saga: chapter 1

By: C.W. Jacobs

It was 1:00 on a hot day in June, and Bill was relaxing on his pool outside of his home on Corneria. He heard the telephone and wasn't going to answer it until he heard the message being left on the machine, it was General Pepper, and he said "Please pick up Bill, Andross has unleashed ships all over the Lylat System! The Star Fox Team is defending the front line base on Kitina, but they're not enough to stop this army! You must come and help them! Bring the Bull Dog squadron at once!". And with that, Bill threw on his Cornerian Army uniform and headed out to help Fox, his old friend Fox from the Venomian Army. He saw all the panic on Corneria, people were evacuating and the streets were filled with people. He pushed and shoved his way down the street until he got to the Cornerian Flight Academy, were he called the Bull dog squadron. The squadron shot threw the Lylat system until they reached Kitina. Once they got there, Bill greated his friends and they engaged into battle. The situation looked good until a shadow creeped it's way over the face on the base. Looking up, Bill saw a huge circular ship. It stoped, not moving , but then 4 hatches opened on the bottom and it started spewing out 100s of ships. The Star Fox team and the Bull dog Cornerian Squadron were highly out numbered. Bill shouted out comands to the Bull Dog Squadron and Star Fox telling them to attack the hatches.Bill watched the Bull dog squad shrink from a 300 man unit to a 50 person squad. All of a sudden, Fox boosted by and bombed out one of the hatches. The few people left shouted out their happiness, even though they were scarcly alive. Bill looped over his tailers, shot them down and speeded toward a hatch, destroying it. The ship still continued to spew out fighters and the Bull Dog unit was nearly extinct, but Star Fox was shooting down enemys like crazy. One of the last members of Bull Dog Boosted into a hatch, purposly killing himself, and there was one more hatch to go. Slippy bombed the last hatch and a triangle peered out on the core. It was time to take that triangle out. Sudenly, Andross' vioce broke the battle sounds, he was being broadcasted from the ship. His voice said "if you don't surrender in 50 seconds, the base will be destroyed. They would die before they surendered, but time was running out, the ship fliped upside down and a laser beam charged.Bill, Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy attacked the energy core with everything they had, and the ship fell to the ground. "YEEHA!" bill shouted with glee, but the entire Bull Dog unit had been killed. A message from General Pepper shot threw the radio, he said "there's a secret weapon on sector X, but there's a bio- weapon on Solar!" Bill volunteered to go to Sector X and told Star Fox to go to Solar. And that was where the real danger began...

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