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Katt and Falco

by: Henry logan
Ever scince Katt saw Falco at the Cornerian Flight Academy, she's had a huge crush on him, but he never even knew she was alive until she helped the team on Zoness in a time of need. Falco still insists that she's annoying, but he's not so great himself. One day, after the whole Andross mess, Falco returned to the Cornerian Flight Academy to get his things and move away from his old dorm and into his new house. While he was there, he saw that Katt was just outside of his door, talking to her frineds. He was scared to death of her, only because of her obsessive crush on him. But he had no choice, he had to walk right past her into his room. When he did, of course, she noticed him and walked over to him. She asked him out. And he used his one kind hearted thing to do for the day on her. He said yes so that she wouldn't be crushed. When he was hanging out with the rest of the Star Fox team on that day, he told them about it. Slippy thought it was so hilaious that he was rolling on the floor laughing. It was hard for Slippy to belive that Falco, the Falco he'd known, to have a girl that actually put up with him enough to go out with him. Fox thought it was pretty funny himself, but Peppy didn't really see humor in it. Just then, Bill, who had help them back on Kitina, walked in to say hi to his frineds. When he heard he laughed until he cried. Falco wanted to prove that there was a person who could put up with him enough to go out with him more that once. So that night, Falco actually TRIED to keep Katt interested. He used all the romantic things he had ever heard anywhere, just to get her to continue liking him. She was really falling for it, too. They started talking about what they had done back on Zoness. Falco was actually enjoying himself! He wanted to take her back to his place to show her some of his Cornerian Flight Academy medals (what a showoff). When they got there, Bill was the only one still there, the others had gone to a movie. When Katt saw Bill, she almost started howling like a dog! He was the greatest thing she had ever seen in her entire life! She quickly forgot about Falco and started flirting with Bill, when he told the others about this, he paid them their money, (they all betted $10 he couldn't do it) and sulked, for he finally had found a person he liked. He felt like killing bill! And when Bill walked in the door the next day, Falco pounced on him, trying to kick his @$$. They kept fighting until the others broke up the fight. Bill had no clue why Falco was mad, so Falco told him. Bill was sorry but he said there was nothing he was gonna do about it now.Poor Falco *sob*.

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