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Leon's story

By: Justin Blake

Leon was born May 7, 1979. At 16 he went to the Cornerian Star Academy and met a showoff pilot named falco. Falco annoyed Leon so much that Leon wanted to kill him. He heard of Andross and his army and decided to try to kill Andross so everyone would think he was the best. On his arrival Leon was captured. Leon made Andross spare his life if he just got Andross 2 pilots to join Andross. Leon got a pilot named Wolf to join easily. He also got Pigma, but Leon made Pigma stay on Corneria and Andross would get his team , the Star Wolf team to Venom. Three months later General Pepper sent the Star Fox team to search the planet Venom. When Star Fox got to Venom, Leon and Wolf atacked James McCloud, the leader of the Star Fox team. Leon got stuck with Peppy while Wolf and Pigma ganged up on James. After a while James' ship caught fire . James lost control of his arwing and crashed into Peppy's second wing. James then crashed and died. Peppy, barley escaping the Star Wolf team, returned to Corneria to tell the young pilot Fox about his father's fate.5 years later, Andross sent the Star Wolf team acrossed the Lylat system to make the planets bases for Andross. But one mission, they were to take over Fortuna, but a new Star Fox team, lead by Fox McCloud was there to defuse the bomb Andross set in the base. Star Wolf this time brought a guy named Andrew, their new member, nephew of Andross, to take on Slippy. Andrew was shot down in about 5 seconds by Slippy. Pigma was shot down next but he damaged Peppy enough to make him go back up to the Great Fox. Leon went in Fox's direction, finger on his smart bomb. Suddenly, Leon's finger slipped and the bomb hit a tower near him and Leon's ship flew into it and he crashed. Leon, Wolf, Pigma and Andrew were recovered by Andross. The Star Fox team were almost at Venom at that time, but Andross had a plan.He gave the Star Wolf team new ships and sent them to Venom to battle Star Fox. In a matter of hours the Star Wolf team was shot down by Star Fox. Only Leon and Falco were left. Falco shot leon and the shot ripped of Leon's hand. Leon paniced and crashed into a pillar and died.

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