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After Fox

Author: Chris Revenstein

After the Star fox saga, Fox decided to retire from the business.He needed an eir to the throne of Leader of the Star Fpx team.Peppy didn't want to lead the team because he felt that there wasn't many years left in him.Fox felt that Slippy and Falco weren't ready to lead a team this important.Who was left???Fox remembered who had helped him out During his journy to save the Lylat System... Bill!!!!He remembered his old friend from the Star Fleet academy and thought him to be perfect for the job.Fox went to the Cornerian Air-craft base to visit his frined and ask if he wanted the job. Bill was gratful and gladly took the job.But after an atack by a few space pirates, Bill realized the Cornerian Army needed him.but a new leader for them was signed, and Bill gve the leading job of the Star fox team back to Fox, but remained a member of the team.Now there was five members of the team.And half a Lylat System away this concerned Wolf, leader of the Star Wolf team.If there are 5 members of their team, then I will need an additional member too. After a lot of thought, Wolf decided that Caiman (that green dude from Area 6) would fit the spot nicly.And that's how the Star Fox team and the Star Wolf team got new members.

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