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Sicky's Story

What's Wrong With Sicky? Here's his Story

By Sicky

What’s Wrong with Sicky? Everyone wants to know what’s wrong with Sicky. Why is he so weird? Why does he always puke? Why does he have such a sick mind? Well, I hope this story will answer your questions. It all started a long time ago when I (Sicky) started at the Andromodin (An alien race from a far away galaxy) Flight academy. I was their top pilot. No one could stand a chance against Barret Hudson (My old name). I would fly around with the greatest of ease. I was always I nice young man, and I never did anything sick. It was the day of the academy’s finals. A test I would undoubtedly pass. But then I got a phone call before I got on my way to the academy. It was the Andromodin general. He said we were going to be in a war with the Zonessians, an old fighting force of the Lylat system. He said I’d get an A on my finals if I helped the army out, since our army was smaller the Zoness’. So off I went, not knowing what I would soon be facing. When I got to the site of the war, what I saw was terrible. The other side had struck first. The general’s plan was that we would strike first. It was a massacre. All I could see around me was the carnage of my fiends. I snapped. I went after all of the Zonessians. Unfortunately, I was not enough. I was captured by their army and thrown into a torture chamber. Zoness’ torture was like none I had ever seen before. When they stopped for the day, I felt as though my body was torn in two. They didn’t want me to talk, they just wanted me to suffer, and that I did. The next day was the worst, though. I was strapped to a long board, and they got out some kind of spray. Pepper spray? I thought. I wish. It was an odd chemical that mutated things. They demonstrated it on a plant. The beautiful plant turned brown, and grew thorns, warts, and was turned in to a horrible creature. “You’re next”, one of them said. They began to spray my body with the spray. To my own surprise, nothing happened at first. But then, my body changed from it’s usual tan color to all black. My face shriveled up and my eyes became more like a fly’s’. “Noooooooo!” I screamed. They just laughed. But on thing they didn’t expect happened too. My muscles started to get larger (not like Hulk’s, but strong none the less). I ripped out of the chains, and went in a rage! I grabbed one guard as he ran, and snapped his neck. Then I grabbed the other one and sprayed him with the spray. He died. “What?”, I said. I guess he wasn’t strong enough to take it, I thought. I was still on my rampage, killing all guards in my path. “Where is he?”, I screamed through the halls of the large building I was in. I finally got one guard to work up a spine and tell me. ‘He left”, said the guard. “Where did he go?”, I asked him. “He said he’d be somewhere in Lylat.”, the short little guard told me. Well, then, I’ll have to find him”, I said as I squeezed the guard’s neck until I heard a snap. Suddenly, I felt really sick. Oh no, I thought. I puked. “Yuck!”, I said. That is nasty! I guess that’s what my little side effect is going to be as if being ugly is not enough. I ran to the building’s docking bay and stole a ship. It was all green, but it was fast and had good weapons. I named it the Flu. I could feel myself changing by the minute. Along came the largest change, the mind. All I could think about was terrible things. I came to like these sorts of things. I seemed to lose much of my old intelligence, and became a mean, dirty, ugly, sickening person. I decided to go to MacBeth and become a mercenary so I could save money to get an even better ship and set out to find the being who did these terrible things to me.