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Twitch vs Barry Part IV

By Mark Warren

"What?????" screamed Barry. "You dimwit!I said:"You spelled "Bear"wrong!!" yelled Twich. "Yo,Twitch!How's...........Yikez."said Bill. "I'll contact Great Fox! " said Bill. 9 minuets later,Great Fox swooped down and scooped up Fox,Peppy AND Slippy,PLUS The scrap-metal from their ships. "Time to die,a--hole!" Barry said. "Sure It is.Oh,and I'm Andross." said Twitch. Barry shot Twitch seven times. " C---!" yelled Twitch. Barry shot Twitch two more times! Luckily,ROB64 sent a SheildStar down.Twitch got it;then fighters+Barry were surrounding him. They began firing at Twitch; Then,Twitch said:" Hey, ROB64! There's a lazer on Great Fox for a reason,you know!!!!!!!! The fighters broke away,and with 9 quick shots,Barry was downed!................Well,maybe