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Twitch vs Barry Part III

By Mark Warren

Meanwhile,on Katina................ "Peppy,have you spotted The. d--- Patina base?" "Node!" said Peppy.Suddenly,a large shape was hovering overhead. Then,at that instant,Bill zoomed out from the background in an Arcing with purple G-diffusers!!Bill quickly shot the ship down. "Fox?!Rabbit dude??What are you guys doing here???" asked Bill."Well,first of all my name is PEPPY!!Second of all,the reason we're here is because there's a d--- emergency on the his planet Fortune." yelled Peppy. "Okay!Let'z goooooooooo!!!!" said Bill.    On Fortuna............Zooommmmmmm!Ships blasted out of Fortuna base as Slippy and Twitch arrived there. "What the d--- h--- is going on??!!"yelled Twitch. "I don't know!!!AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!I've been hit!!!!!!!! Then Fox,Peppy and Bill arrived. "Guys!Where's Katt and Falco???!!!" asked Fox. "In H---!" said Twitch. "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!" Five voices chuckeled as they got to Fortuna. "Star Wolf??" yelled Peppy."Yes,Peppy!!It's us!!" yelled Pigma. Pigma shot Peppy with a Smart Bomb!! "Hey Pigma!!Try this on for a size!!!" yelled Bill. Bill shot Pigma with seven- teen lazer shots!! Pigma went spiraling down.He then crased on Fortuna base and blew up along with his ship.Then,several seconds later,Leon,Wolf,Andrew,Peppy,Slippy and Fox all crashed simultaeneously!!!!! "HaHaHaHa!!!" laughed that guy. "Who the h--- are you?" asked Twitch. "Barry the Black Bare!!" said Barry. "Ummmmm.......Barry?You spelled Bear wrong." said Twitch. That's when it started.TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!