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Twitch vs Barry Part II

By Mark Warren

Back on Venom, Wolf was pacing around Star Wolf Luxury Base, mumbling stuff. "Wolf what the h--- is wrong with you,man?" asked Leon. "The Star Fox team,that's what!!" Wolf snapped back. "What the h--- did they do this time??" asked Pigmy. "They've got a new member,d---it!!!!" snapped Wolf."Whoa,Wolf!Keep you cool!!" said Andrew."How the d--- hod you expect me to do that??" yelled Wolf. "Now,who the h---is this d--- new b---- of a member the Star Fox team has??" asked Leon."Twitch Guinea Pig,you d--- fool!!" "I know what we can do!We'll find a new member!!" said Andrew.Before anyone could say another word,Leon and Wolf had jumped into their Wolfen 3s and they were in space. "Wolf,I will go to Zoness." said Leon through the Comm. "Okay.I'll go to Titana!" said Wolf. Meanwhile,back on Corneria........... "Fox,Peppy,Slippy,Falco and Twitch! We've got a mission!!! There's an emergency on Fortuna!!But,before you go to Fortuna,Go to Katina and find Bill Grey,then go to Zoness and Find Katt Monroe.Then go to Fortuna." said General Pepper through the intercomm. The team hopped into their Arwings."O.K. Guyz!!I'll go with Peppy to Katina!Twitch,Slippy and Falco,you go To Zoness. You find Katt and we'll meet at Fortuna!!" Fox said through the intercomm. Meanwhile,At Zoness......"Hmmmmm............Ah!" There's a likely cantidate!!!!!!Leon flew to Katt's ship as Twitch,Falco and Slippy saw them. "Katt!!!It's Katt!!!And Leon from Star Wolf is next to her!!" yelled Falco."Lady,would you be interested in joining Venom's Star Wolf Team?" Leon said to Katt. "No way,Buck-o-!!!!" yelled Katt.In a fit of rage,Leon fired a Smart Bomb at Katt's ship. Katt's small ship zoomed downward,slamming into a pole! "HELP!!!!!" yelled Katt.Her ship plunged into the murky green waters of Zoness.Several seconds later,an explosion from the same place Katt crashed went off.Katt's head splattered on Falco's windsheild,Her body on Slippy's left wing and one of her arms on Twitch's right wing."Katt!" "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!" yelled Falco. "You d--- h---ish b----!!!!" screamed Falco.Falco fired 6 shots at Leon. 4 of them hit Leon.You d--- b---- from h---!!!" screamed Leon.Leon shot down Falco,instantly killing him."Well,Falco and Katt are together-in hell." said Twitch.TOBECONTINUED~!!!