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Twitch vs Barry Part I

By Mark Warren

As Great Fox left Sector Y,ROB 64 got a transmission.It was from a White,green eyed,short-hair Guinea Pig.It said:Hello!My name's Twitch!I would like to join the Star Fox Team. I took the test and I passed.Rob Sixty-Four gave the transmission to General Pepper.Shortly,an Arwing with Yellow G-Diffusers landed in Great Fox's docking bay. General Pepper sid into Great Fox's intercom and said:Fox,Peppy,Falco and Slippy!Come to Docking Bay 79 immedieatley!We've got a new Star Fox team member! In a flash,Fox and the others arrived in docking bay seventy-nine. "Guys,meet Twitch.He's our new member. "Twitch?Is that really YOU? said Peppy. "Peppy?I never thought I'd see you again!!!! "We went to the Corneria Flight School together.After I graduated and He did'nt,I thought I'd never see him again! To Be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!