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A new Team Part II, by rick Bishop

A New Team Part II

By Rick Bishop

"Look out, Coming through!" Peppy yelled as he pushed his way throught the panicing streets of Corneria. Finally, he reached his destination, the Cornerian Flight Academy. He went over to General Bill Grey. "Can you please give me your three most talented pilots"? Peppy asked. "Fara, Rick, Kidman, please report to the front office immediately." The door swung open, and in came a Racoon, a Cyote, and a turtle. The turtle was Kidman, the Racoon was Rick, and the Cyote was Fara. Peppy told the three young pilots his situation. They gasped, never thinking they'd be drafted to the Star Fox team. Then Peppy asked Bill if they had any good ships that they were making. "Yes we do, they're called Falcon IV's, but they haven't been tested yet." Bill told Peppy. "Just give us all of them you have." Peppy said. "That'd be 3." Bill Replyed.

Peppy took the Pilots and The ships back to Star Fox HQ. The other members were amazed at the ships. " A modern day Arwing," Slippy said in awe. Fox, Slippy, can you guys make 4 more?", Falco asked. "It'll take some work, but we can do it, "Slippy Said. All of a sudden, they all heard a roar outside, it was a lot of people screaming. A large ship had landed where the Great Fox ussually lands. A door swung open, and then a Fox, with two lizards behind him, walked out. "Greetings people of Corneria", he said, it was the same scratchy voice they heard on TV. Have my comands been met?" He asked. General Bill Grye anaswered " Hell no!". Star Fox watched as the Fox grabed Bill by the neck, and picked him up, amazing strength for his size. "You had better, because I'll take care of this worthless little planet without mercy!". He threw Bill down hard.Just then, Falco jumped the Fox from behind. Too bad for Falco, because the Fox got up, punched Falco, and Falco fell down, unconcious. Then the lizards started beating him with their large guns. They left, leaving Falco there, with this warning "You had better meet our comands if you want this planet to live".

To be Continued...

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