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A New Team, By: Rick Bishop

A New Team

By: Rick Bishop

The year is 8071, 50 years after the original Star Fox team's services were needed. Anyplots by space pirates or other wrong-doers has been taken care of by the Cornerian Army, now, in place of General Pepper, is General Bill Grey. The Star Fox team retired 37 years ago, leaving no eirs to the Star Fox Throne, scince they felt there was no need to do so. Peace has Gone over the Lylat System once again. No young person could even belive the thought of another large, threatening attack. At least, until one started to surface. All the people of Corneria were sitting on their happy little asses in their happy little couches watching the popular television show, Airazor, when, seemingly out of nowhere, their broadcast was bruptly interupted. Static screeched in for a few seconds, while the people tried to adjust the antenna on their television, the static stoped, and a scratchy voice rang through thier room. "Hello, people of Corneria" the voice said. The people stared blindly at thier blank screens and listened. " I think I'll interupt your happy little pathetic lives with an announcement. You are under attack by me and my crew. We will strike with our army of over 1,000,000 ships in two weeks if our comands are not met. We want all of the money in Corneria's treasury. If you do this, your pathetic lives will go on, if not, you will die."

Back on came the screen on the dazed people's television sets, but they did not see Airazor, they saw a legion of ships, it looked like they were in the Meteo Asteroid feild. Then back on came Airazor, but for some reason, no one felt too interested in that right now. The people of Corneria, most not knowing what to do, started to call the Cornerian Army, to see if they had heard the announcement. General Bill Grey had seen it, and wasn't sure the Cornerian army, a group of 10,000 ships, would ever be able to take on such imposible odds. Bill called his old pal Fox McCloud, to see if he could help save the Lylat System one more time. "What?!?!" Fox shouted in disbelief. "You have to be kidding, all we have is the old Arwings, and they're just average ships now, we can't do it again". But Fox's heart shrank, knowing everyone on Corneria would expect the legend of the Star Fox team to live again. "Bill, are you still there?" Fox asked. "yeah Fox, what is it?" Bill replyed. "I'll see what I can do." . " All right Fox, but remember, Corneria is counting on you". Bill said. "Bye Bill".

Fox went to the living room, where Peppy, Slippy and Falco were watching cartoons. He told them the bad news. "No way!" Slippy said, "how the heck are we going to do that again with those old piece of jumk Arwings?". " We have to make new ships", Fox said. "In two weeks?" Peppy asked. "Yes, before two weeks." Fox answered. "Well who's gonna fly em'?" Falco asked, "We're too old for that kinda stuff now". "We'll fly them, but we're going to have to also draft a few new pilots." Fox said. "Slippy, you and I will build the ships, Falco, Peppy, you guys will find three good pilots, I mean really good".

To Be continued.

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