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Wolf's Story

Author: Billy Drake

After the whole Star Fox 64 deal, Wolf was thought to be dead by most.Only Leon had survived from their Run-in with the Star Fox team on Venom. Scince then, he had been ravaging peices of destroyed ships on venom and Sector Z.He was building a ship that could beat Arwings in every way: Speed, Handling, and firepower. He vowed to get revenge on Fox for foiling his plans a year ago.His plan: to kidnap a member of the Star Fox team and use that person as bait to get his one-on-one with Fox himself. He knew that Peppytakes a walk in the morning every day, he walks to the Corneria flight academy where he teaches younge pilots how to Dog-fight. While Peppy was taking his walk to the academy, he was confronted by wolf and Leon.Peppy, not being as younge as he used to be, had no chance in hand-to-hand combat.He was kidnpped and phase 1 of Wolf's plan was complete.A distress message was sent to Fox And Fox's first though was to go rescue Peppy.Slippy and falco warned Fox he wouldn't be able to take down the two former members of star wolf on his own, but he insist on going on his own. He was entering the atmosphere of Venom when he saw the maze where a year ago he atemted to save the Lylat system fromn Andross.He flew into the maze to see Leon on a small pedistal with Peppy and Wolf in a new and improved air-craft.Wolf shot a bomb at him in an attemp to quickly do away eith him, but Fox dodged the bomb and engaged into combat with Wolf.the two fought for a while until Fox saw he would need to use cunning against Wolf.He shot one of his smart bombs at the very top of the dome in which they were fighting.Then he landed on the padistal with Leon and Peppy.He quickly fought Leon and got the lizard to leave while the dome was crumbling from Fox's smart bomb.Fox freed peppy and they got into the arwing.They looked back on the dome to see Wolf and Leon panicing to escape.They took a last glance to see the dome, along with Wolf and leon crumble to a pile on ruble.

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