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Godzilla's Story

By Godzilla

Hi.I am Godzilla.This story is all about me. I was born by two komodo dragons,and they're ANTS compared to my size. I started working out when I was 11. I drank some "Water" when I was 14 which was really some radioactive junk As the days passed,Igrew larger,and larger until I couldn't fit on the tiny beach I lived on,So I came up with an idea:I would go into outer space. I constucted a spaceship and called it the Spyder. My spikes,I got those from the radioactivity. I met Andross several days into space travel. He led me to the Lylat System,where I became a member of Star Wolf. But,after Leon shot me down for being a lizard(don't ask me why.)So,I quickly repaired mt ship and flew it to Corneria.There I became a member of the Cornreian Air Force. I have high hopes of becoming the 5th member of the Star Fox team. I am now driving an Arwing sized,Green replica of Great Fox and It's call The Lazer Lizard.