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The Appearance of Zach

By Zach

At first Zach was perfectly normal. He wanted to be just like his dad, he got in trouble sometimes but not a lot. But then Andross changed all that. Zach had just graduated from the Cornerian Flight Academy with honors. He heard about a new fighting force, Andross's army. They trained him even further than they had at Corneria. He became a excellent pilot. He was the best there was(almost). Then he was ordered to Attack MacBeth, his home planet and he couldn't do that. He was banished from the army. He stole a Wolfen III and flew out of there. Later, when the war had settled down some he went back to his home planet and found nothing but ruins. Ruins and Mercs. He decided to stay with them because he had nowhere else to go. Eventually he became a Merc and join the fight.